Hello Conor McGregor?  Matthews Jamroth fired immediately after the fight.  story

Matthews Jamrot He won the third consecutive victory in UFC. During the night from Saturday to Sunday Poland time, our player beat the Brazilian – Diego Ferreira in the second round.

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About the pole victory with the twelfth contender UFC In the light category, it was the action in the second round that was decided. Less than two minutes left fighting The pole knocked down his opponent and attacked from behind his back. Jamru hit the Brazilian with a powerful knee kick that deflected his opponent’s desire to fight.

UFC Gambrot Show! Third win in a row. Ferreira didn’t want to fight

After this blow, Ferreira indicated to the judge that he did not want to continue the fight, but the duel did not stop. Gamrot, unaware of the situation, began to strangle his opponent and only at that moment did the referee realize that the Brazilian was no longer defending himself. There are many indications that the pole has broken his opponent’s rib.

Gamrot mocked McGregor and implored Chandler

After the fight, Gambrot did not hide his great enthusiasm. – 2023! 2023 will be my year! – The player who, thanks to a win, is likely to jump into the top fifteen in the organization shouted to the cameras. However, this was only the beginning of the show the pole gave after the duel ended.

Everyone wants to fight against him Conorm McGregormBut who is he? He was good five years ago and is now a businessman, not a real fighter, Gamrot said in an interview in the octagon shortly after the fight.

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He added, “Michael Chandler, you said you wanted to fight Connor.” In the UFC, you have 1-2 lbs! Hey, come with me! They say you’re a wrestler, so let’s do it – challenge me! I wish you all the best, have a speedy recovery and let’s face it next year!

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McGregor is a UFC legend. The Irishman is a former featherweight and lightweight champion. A few years ago, he was considered one of the best, if not the best, weightless player. However, recent years have not been the best for him.

In October 2018, McGregor lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov, losing the lightweight belt. Although the Irishman successfully defeated Donald Cerrone in January of last year, he later lost two fights to Dustin Poirier.

Chandler, 35, (22-7) is the former UFC lightweight belt contender. The American, the former Bellator champion, began his UFC adventure in January of this year, defeating Dan Hooker. In May of this year, Chandler lost to Charles Oliveira for the lightweight belt, and in November he was also defeated by former interim lightweight champion Justin Gaetje.

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