June 2, 2023


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How to get the MUX-L3 multiplex What channels does Tomaszów Mazowiecki offer The blackboard

How to get the MUX-L3 multiplex What channels does Tomaszów Mazowiecki offer The blackboard

– The transmitter and antenna are installed in Tomaszów Mazowiecki and are ready for operation. We are waiting for the launch of the data transfer link, which can start at any time – even today – Michał Winnicki, owner of MWE Networks, told us Thursday. The multicast began on Friday evening.

The Inma site is now the transmitter site, which is the result of the termination of the collaboration with Emitel. MUX -L3 is no longer broadcast from the tower on Mościckiego Street in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, az Chimney from the former Wistom chemical fiber factory (Radio Fama is broadcast in Tomaszów and Polish Radio 24 broadcasts from there).

The MUX-L3 is back with five channels

Viewers have reported that five stations can currently be watched on the reactivated repeater. here they are: TV Okazje, Junior Music, STARS.TV, TVC and Filmax. The signal is broadcast on channel 36.

Previously, the MUX-L3 had the following channels: Antena HD, Filmax, Junior Music, Nuta.TV, Nuta Gold, Power TV, Red Carpet, Stars.TV, TV Okazje, TV Puls, TV Puls 2, TVC and XtremeTV. The multicast in Tomaszów Mazowiecki and Częstochowa stopped broadcasting at the end of June, because the MWE group terminated its cooperation with Emitel, which, among other things, was based on Kamieńsk mountain near Radomsko.

However, residents of these areas have not lost access to the transmission complex. Since then, the signal has been broadcast from the transmitter in Ameln near Radomsko. However, this municipality was not included in the reservation decision of the Office of Electronic Communications for MUX-L3, and UKE began to receive a signal about emissions carried out by MWE networks. In mid-November, the multiplier disappeared from thin air, and UKE has initiated demonstrative action.

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thus MWE Networks plans to resume multiplex broadcasting in Czestochowa.

Michał Winnicki Group also owns MUX-L1 (Jelenia Góra, Lubań, Bolesławiec) and MUX-L4 (Wrocław, Świdnica, Kobierzyce). in October He reactivated the pilot multiplier in KatowiceThree weeks ago, MUX resumed operations in Szczecin. MWE also had a test launch permit in Warsaw, but it never got underway. The company had problems obtaining a location for the transmitter.