Scientists have known for a long time that black holes can move at very high speeds. However, the latest numerical simulations indicate that I may be walking faster than I previously thought. The speeds that can be achieved are approximately 10%. The speed of light.

Two scientists from the Rochester Institute of Technology, James Healey and Carlos O. Lustow, a supercomputer to run more than 1,300 numerical simulations describing the collisions of black holes. The researchers wanted to investigate the maximum possible velocity of the black hole produced by the collision of two smaller black holes. They took into account different angles of collision, including head-on collisions and close flybys of black holes.

Black holes rush – from Earth to the Moon in 13 seconds

Previous research indicated that the speeds achieved could reach around 5,000 kilometers per second. However, the result obtained in the new calculations is more than 28.5 thousand kilometers per second, or approximately 10 percent. The speed of light. Such a supermassive black hole would travel the distance from Earth to the Moon in about 13 seconds.

The research results were published in an article in the journal Physical Review Letters.

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Black holes are objects that have so much mass stored in such a small volume that gravity does not allow anything to escape from them, not even light.

In space, we know of the existence of stellar-mass black holes (eg several times that of the Sun) and supermassive black holes of millions or even billions of Sun masses. The latter are located in the centers of many galaxies. In 2019, scientists were able to obtain an image of the black hole (or rather, its shadow) at the center of the M87 galaxy, and in 2022 a picture of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way was published. In the case of stellar black holes, no such images exist yet.

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