They paid $55 million for tickets.  Today they will return to Earth

A SpaceX capsule (owned by Elon Musk) took off from Florida on April 8, and arrived at the station the next day. the first Astronauts on the International Space Station (International Space Station or ISS) were three businessmen. They paid $55 million each for two weeks in space. The fourth member of the commercial mission was former astronaut Michael Lopez Allegria.

The first commercial astronauts aboard the International Space Station conducted experiments. They tested their circulatory and cognitive abilities in a state of weightlessness. The plan was for the space flight to take eight days. It was extended because the weather on the ground was not favorable for landing and had to be postponed.

The SpaceX capsule (owned by Elon Musk) left the station on Monday after midnight. The launch is expected in the Florida area around 5:00 PM. Three Americans, three Russians and one German will remain on the International Space Station.

The arrival of the first special mission to the International Space Station can be watched live:

NASA has already approved a second commercial mission to the International Space Station From Axiom Space. The agency approves missions in near-Earth orbit, as it intends to focus on more ambitious missions – returning to the moon, missions to Venus and Mars.

Space X has already conducted its first commercial space flight last time in 2021. Private astronauts can enjoy the view from Earth orbit for three days.

The International Space Station was built in 1998. It is a joint project of America, Russia, Canada, Japan and several European countries. It was supposed to last fifteen years, that is, until 2013. Today, after nine years, the station is in poor condition – especially the Russian part.

NASA has already announced that in 2031 the 33-year-old International Space Station will be decommissioned – it will burn in a controlled manner in the Earth’s atmosphere. Axiom Space would like to build a commercial space station by then.

The return of astronauts to Earth will also be available live.

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