They feared that the competition would be spoiled by strong winds.  See how it ended

A sailing regatta was held on the waters of Lake Włocławskie. It was already the forty-fourth edition of the competition called “The Blue Ribbon of Włocławek Lagoon ZARZECZEWO 2021 – Benedykt Michewicz Memorial”.

Regatta preparations It lasted for several weeks. It was to be a great boating event to end the regatta season on the “Włocławek Sea”.

– The contest was successful but… with a certain amount of dissatisfaction. There were only 17 crews at the start of the regatta. It appears that two main reasons caused the overall turnout to drop, and both are independent of the regulators. Already a few days before the scheduled regatta, meteorological forecasts, not only for the region of our reservoir, were very disturbing, even alarming. This scares many potential regatta participants

– He says Andrei Spichalsky, Press Spokesperson Anuel Yacht Club.

The opening regatta started on Saturday (25th September) from Raising the traditional flag on the mast and the official salute. After the formal part, the participants moved into the water.


Due to the relatively small number of crews, competitors competed in two “full” classes: T-1 and OPEN and in a group of three yachts that were treated as T-3 class. On that day, three courses were held and One major race, for the Honorary Blue Ribbon. On the second day of the regatta the weather changed. It was warm, sometimes sunny, the wind weakened and changed its direction to a more southerly direction, but two more races were successfully played – adds the press spokesman.

In the OPEN category, three contenders: Piotr Tarnacki, Radosław Cierpiał and Tomasz Szychowiak They definitely jumped out of the rest of the stake and competed for the last meters with each other.

In the T-1 class of the first race Marek Ochmansky He did not give the lead to anyone. 2nd place in the game Roman Kuchma He established his position from the start, and fought for third place until the end Jan Marciniak and Adriana Makarevich (And got third place).

In the group of three yachts, everything was also clear from start to finish. he won Peter Shujnaki before Jan Gorechny and Ryszard Tomaziewski.

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