Beatrice Picard will reprise the role of Marge Simpson

On the sidelines of the media launch of the Saint-Jerome Seniors Fair on Thursday, September 7, Beatrice Picard was the godmother of the September 16 event at the Quarter 50+ in Saint-Jerome.

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Genevieve SchmidtSpokesperson of the event, many dignitaries like Louise Portal, Marie-Claude Barrett, Claudette Dion And France Castel, Performed this evening, which highlights the 75-year career of veteran actress Beatrice Picard.

The latter took the opportunity to make a happy revelation: “I am retired Marge Simpson At the beginning of the year, and On Chantal Bari, an actress of immense talent has replaced me. But she has surgery next week and I’m going to switch her. I’m so happy!”

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Beatrice Picard dubbed the voice of Marge Simpson from the series The Simpsons, for 33 years, from the beginning of the series in 1989 to the beginning of 2023. “I will find Marge and I am very happy,” added the actress. Sandal Baril has surgery on 12th September and I wish everything goes well and she comes back to us soon.

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