All about the pension index 13 and 14. The Central Statistical Office (GUS) published data on wages and salaries.  How much will you get the thirteenth pension? [13.02.2021]

We are closer to knowing the level of indexation of pensions in 2022. Today, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) provided data on the average wage in the national economy in the fourth quarter of 2021 and throughout 2021. The final index indicator will be announced by the government – Until February 25.

Speculation about the 14th pension was cut short by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in mid-February, who ensured that retirees would also receive the benefit in 2022.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, the average salary in the national economy increased by 9.6% year on year. And it amounted to 5995 PLN – the Central Statistical Office (GUS) announced on Wednesday. Quarterly, the salary increase was 6%.

The average salary in the national economy in 2021 was 5,662.53 PLN. The real increase in average wages in 2021 compared to 2020 was 3%.

The latest wage index is of key importance to the pension index. The standardization index is the average annual consumer price index in the previous calendar year that increased by at least 20% than the real growth of average wage in the previous calendar year.

As for inflation, we already know that the average in 2021 was 5.1%. (The so-called pension – 4.9 percent). We also know since February 9 what is 20 percent. Real growth in average wages, but this indicator is only a hint to the government, which makes the final decision on the index – it may take into account the wage factor of more than 20%. Domain.

The government has until February 25 to publish the officially binding index of old-age and disability pensions. The indicator will certainly not reach 7% or 6.2%. As suggested by the Minister and former Deputy Minister of the Family. The percentage is likely to be 5.7-59%.

From March 1, all pensions will increase by less than 6%. The retirement pension and minimum disability will also be increased. To what height?
If the indexation index is 5.7 percent. – Up to 1,322.18 PLN (71.30 PLN per month).
If the index index is 5.8 percent. – Up to 1,323.44 (72,560 PLN per month).
If the indexation index is 5.7 percent. – up to PLN 1,324.58 (ب 73.80 per month).

The lowest old-age pension – specifically its value – also determines the amount of the thirteenth pension, the so-called thirteen, most of which will be awarded to retirees in April of this year. So the amount will be 1,322.18 PLN or 1,323.44 PLN or 1,324.58 PLN.

Old-age and disability pensions are subject to annual comparison as of March 1. Indexing consists of multiplying the amount of the benefit and the basis for its evaluation by the indexation index. As a result of the comparison made, the amount of the benefit may not be reduced.

Valuation is a termWhich refers to the increase in the monetary value of a utility in order to keep its real value unchanged. Pension linkage is a legally defined mechanism An increase in the nominal amount of retirement and disability benefits due to the loss of their real value mainly as a result of inflation.

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