March 25, 2023


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Brown and Winnickie catch eagle popularity

“If Winnicki wants to save on brewing, then let him start a brewery,” says Marek Jakubik in an interview with the portal

Union deputies, Robert Winicki and Grzegorz Braun, launched action to save the liquidated brewery in Leżajsk. The politicians’ actions were criticized on Twitter by Marek Jakubik, who asked, with Winicki’s participation, “Where were they when Barwari Warszewski was liquidated?”.

We asked Marek Jakubiak, founder and chairman of Browary Regionalne Jakubiak, what he thinks of the situation regarding the brewery in Leżajsk.

It’s hard for me to comment because I’m one of the guys on the Polish beer scene. However, it should be noted that dozens of Polish breweries were closed before our eyes, for the same reason as Leżajsk. Today, crocodile tears are shed over a brewery that has fallen victim to gentrification, that is, productivity problems

– says Jakubiak in an interview with

The owner will continue to produce the brand. The same thing happened in the case of Browary Warszawskie. Few people know that they have been liquidated. Production was taken over, the beer is sold in Warsaw and Varsovians believe they still drink the brew from Browary Warszawskie. This kind of attitude is unfortunately acceptable by law. Concerns improve the organoleptic properties of beer and all labels, bottles and cases, regardless of where it is produced

– convinces the entrepreneur.

When asked about the actions of the Confederation’s deputies, Jakubik replied:

I am disturbed by the behavior of the Confederates who smelled blood. Where were they when Browary Warszawskie had to be saved, which must have been a great thing for the nationalists? It was from Browary Warszawskie barley that the rebels ate bread for two months. The owner was shot for helping to fight Warsaw. This is what Confederate politicians should have done, not fly around trying to save something that could not be saved. The market in Poland is extremely saturated with beer. From 2014 until today, several hundred new microbreweries have been established. If Winnicki wants to supply brewing, let him start a brewery.

Marek Jakubik also draws attention to the problem of the beer market crisis in Poland.

For globalization, the best situation would be to have one brewery and several brands for the whole of Poland. Today, in this regard, Poland is diverse and it is necessary to take care of it, to save small breweries, where dozens of people work in a particular city. Saving a brewery that has a capacity of several hundred thousand hectoliters and sells several dozen is a daunting task. We are in a very serious crisis, demand has fallen. Some major breweries are back in 2012 with sales. I don’t recall such a situation, and I’ve been in the brewing industry since the mid 90’s, and a better idea from people like Braun and Winicki would be to convince Poles to buy Polish products from microbreweries, not Western concerns. They would do a better job than they do today, wooing the Eagle’s popularity

– He said in an interview with the portal

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