There were no such differences yet.  iPhone 15 is much more powerful than the basic version

Buying a new smartphone It is often quite a challenge. When we spend big money, we want it The selected device met all our expectationsAnd it can be very loud. Moreover, when we decide on a particular brand, we often have to choose among them The basic model, the extended one and even the third model are completely higher and, by the way, the most expensive.

an Apple We are used to setting our own smart phones in the premium segment. The last model, that is The iPhone 14 was significantly more expensive, and in its most powerful configuration managed to exceed the price of PLN 10,000. This effectively discouraged some from buying the max version. In case The iPhone 15 Pro model should clearly outperform its base variant.

If the current rumors are confirmed, Apple will use the well-known technology maneuver from the 14th Series in the upcoming series. It is said that the iPhone 15 in the basic version will be equipped with a chip this year Apple A16 Bionic. In turn, he must own the iPhone 15 Pro Apple A17 Bionicwhich one is created in architecture 3 nm (relative to the previous 5 nm).

Simply, The standard model will have a chip known from the more expensive versions of the 14 models (such as the Pro Max)while the 15 Pro and 15 Ultra do Based on a new and more efficient architecture. Does this mean that the more expensive iPhones will be true speed demons Compared to the norm?

not necessarily. While the 3nm architecture guarantees more power from the site, it depends a lot on the direction Apple will take. There’s no denying that it’s up a segment this year Apple A16 Bionic It was strong enough That few people take full advantage of it.

This means that Apple’s goal may be to increase battery life. The 3nm architecture of the A17 Bionic chip is not only more powerful, but also less power consuming. In such a case, a scenario where all 15 Series models have the same link seems possible, but it is Most effective on the Pro and Ultra series.

Such a solution is currently available probably. There is no indication that the more expensive models can boast of a larger capacity battery, so that would help to make better use of it modern chip.

Price will definitely be an issue. Recent information can make customers shudder, after all, the Ultra models would have gone up in price by as much as $200. Fortunately, this message did not apply to the basic versions. These will be accessible to more people.

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