June 8, 2023


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4- The Hills Championship 2022/23: general classification. What are the places occupied by the Poles? – TCS

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Kubacki is the third representative of Poland in history to enter the battle for the Golden Eagle as captain of the World Cup. This is associated with a lot of pressure, which is well confirmed by the fact that other whites and reds failed to win the main tournament in such conditions.

Adam Maais finished fourth in the 2001/02 season, while Kamel Stoch finished seventh in the 2013/2014 championship. The athlete from Nowy Targ has to make eight impressive jumps in Oberstdorf (December 29), Garmisch-Partenkirchen (January 1), Innsbruck (January 4) and Bischofshofen (January 6) to overcome this weakness.

Four Hills Championship 2022/23. General classification

In the previous edition of TCS Biało-Czerwone did not fare so well. The highest ranked of them was Żyła (15th), the current leader of the general classification is Kubacki 22nd, Jakub Wolny 35th, Pawe Wąsek 48th, Andrzej Stękała 51st and Stoch only 53rd.

Now Polish fans can follow the German-Austrian championship with more optimism.

Oberstdorf: Two poles on the podium

This is confirmed by the first competition held in Oberstdorf. Kubacki was among the top performers as expected. The holder of the Yellow Commander shield came in third place with a total of 294.9 points. ya (299 points) stood on the second step of the podium, who announced the fight for the final victory even before the start of the event.. Halvor Egner Granerud turned out to be the best. The Norwegian won with an impressive score of 312.4 points, taking the lead in the 2022/23 TCS general classification. In the top ten is also the third pole, Stoch (ninth place – 276.1 points), who knows very well the taste of winning this championship.

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In the general classification of the 4-Hills-Tournament Championship, the sum of the points of all jumps of the competition is taken into account.

Qualifications for both TCS competitions can be seen on Eurosport 1 and in Eurosport Extra V player. In turn, the competition itself is broadcast on TVN, Eurosport 1 and on player.pl.

Place player (country)
1. Halvor Egner Granrod (Norway) 312.4
2. Piotr Zila (Poland) 299.0
3. Dawid Kobacki (Poland) 294.9
4. Karl Geiger (Germany) 293.6
5. Stefan Kraft (Austria) 292.0
6. Andreas Wellinger (Germany) 285.2
7. Lovro Kos (Slovenia) 280.7
8. Daniel Chovenig (Austria) 278.8
9. Kamil Stoch (Poland) 276.1
10. Anze Lanisek (Slovenia) 267.4
19. Pawel Wasek (Poland) 245.2
48. Stefan Hola (Poland) 91.1
49. Jan Habdas (Poland) 89.2

Schedule of the 71st 4-Hills-Tournament Championship:

* Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Sunday 1 January
12.30 – Trial Series
14.00 – Competition Series 1 (TVN, Eurosport 1 i Eurosport Extra V player)

* Innsbruck
Tuesday, January 3
11.15 – training
13.30 – Qualifications (Eurosport 1 i Eurosport Extra V player)

Wednesday, January 4th
12.00 – Trial Series
13.30 – Competition Series 1 (TVN, Eurosport 1 i Eurosport Extra V player)

* Bishofshofen
Thursday, January 5th
14.30 – training
16.30 – Qualifications (Eurosport 1 i Eurosport Extra V player)

Friday, January 6th
15.30 – Trial Series
16.30 – Competition Series 1 (TVN, Eurosport 1 i Eurosport Extra V player)

World Cup 2022/23 season schedule >>>

# player points
1. Dawid Kobacki (Poland) 710
2. Anze Lanisek (Slovenia) 602
3. Halvor Egner Granrod (Norway) 516
4. Stefan Kraft (Austria) 512
5. Piotr Zila (Poland) 457
6. Manuel Wittner (Austria) 309
7. Karl Geiger (Germany) 244
8. Michael Haybock (Austria) 191
9. Robert Johansson (Norway) 181
10. Daniel Chovenig (Austria) 169
14. Kamil Stoch (Poland) 151
25. Pawel Wasek (Poland) 96
42. Tomasz Pilch (Poland) 8
46. Stefan Hola (Poland) 4
49. Aleksander Znieczkull (Poland) 2

Author: jac/PO
Source: eurosport.pl