December 6, 2022


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zoom!  The Earth made a record rotation...

zoom! The Earth made a record rotation…

earth ballWhich makes a complete rotation on its axis in the sequence 23 hours 56 minutes 4.091 secondsWhat is traditionally called the astrological day. Depending on the latitude, the speed of rotation of our planet varies.

This is on the equator Longest parallel to the groundIt just finished 1660 km/h. The closer to the poles, the slower this rotation.

This movement is not felt No place on earthBut this does not mean that can’t be seen. To him we owe the flight of the sun and the stars on the horizon, and therefore – nights and days.

Scientists have been warning for years that the Earth is spinning slower and slower on its axis. Every century, it takes an extra millisecond to make one complete revolution. while 29 June 2022 Something happened that interfered with the long-term prognosis. There was a short record day. The earth completed a complete revolution by the father. 1.59ms earlier ususally.

The reasons for this anomaly are not fully understood. Scientists suggest they may be related Earth’s internal processesOr is he responsible? Chandler’s instability, which is a slight deviation from the Earth’s rotation axis. Details about this will be provided next week Leonid Zotov, Chrysian Bezoar and Nikolai Sidornikov In the Geosciences Society of Asia Oceania.

for human existence Such an anomaly does not matter much. Unfortunately, if the Earth continues to rotate at a higher speed, it may require the introduction of a negative leap second, consistent with the measurement of atomic clocks. However, it is likely to cause this IT systems problemsh.

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