The popular RPG will get a sequel after 17 years.  Creator London is responsible for Hellgate: Redemption
27 Mark 2024, 21:32

Hellgate: Redemption is the code name for the new part of the cult series, the previous part of which was released in 2007. The same creator is responsible for the production.

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  1. Helgate: London It is a game that combines RPG and shooter elements, set in a dark fantasy environment and released in 2007 for PC only;
  2. Created by Flagship Studios, founded by former Blizzard North employees, and the creators of, among others, Diablo II;
  3. A year after the premiere, the studio went bankrupt, but the production itself was revived more than once, and even an expansion entitled Hellgate: Tokyo was released;
  4. And now, 17 years after the original's premiere, we know we'll be seeing a new installment in the series;
  5. Her code name is Hell's Gate: Redemption.

Bill Roper, creator of Hellgate: London, AnnounceThe Lunacy Games studio he founded has signed a contract with HanbitSoft – the Korean publisher that owns the rights to the brand Hell Gate. Under the agreement, the team will produce a new AAA game set in this universe. Her code name is Hell's Gate: Redemption.

For many years I've dreamed of returning to the brand we created in 2007. I've always felt like I had unfinished business with the Hellgate series, which is why the codename for our project is Hell's Gate: Redemption.

The game will be developed on Unreal Engine 5. The creators want to preserve the basic elements of the plot and gameplay Helgate: Londonwhile at the same time creating a new experience, drawing heavily on the achievements of the gaming industry over the past 17 years. In his own words, the title is to introduce “an unknown alternate history to the series” and take us into a “satanic apocalypse world.”

Roper also mentioned the use of cloud servers. Based on that we can guess that it is new Hell Gatelike the previous part, will contain network elements.

As a reminder – Q London We can play both offline and online. There was also a monthly subscription option that gave access to additional content. It is possible that in Salvation We will test something similar.

However, if you are curious Helgate: LondonThe game can be purchased on the website steam. However, it should be noted that this version differs from the 2007 version, which players indicate in their not so positive opinions.

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