There is a response from the Ukrainians to the decision of the IOC.  There was a clear announcement

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Mateusz Beczkowski

On Tuesday, the IOC issued a recommendation for the Russians and Belarusians to start, which has been widely commented on. The federation’s decision was also summed up by Ukraine’s Minister of Sports, Vadym Hotsayt, who announced some steps.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has restored the possibility of Russians and Belarusians starting to participate in international competitions under a neutral flag. The decision is very controversial because the war on our eastern borders started by Vladimir Putin is still going on.

However, there are certain conditions. Athletes from these countries shall actively support military operations, belong to their countries’ armed forces.

Ukraine has already presented its position on this issue.

The local sports minister, Vadym Hotzet, announced that the authorities in Kyiv would carefully examine the Russian and Belarusian players. All this to ensure that they have nothing to do with the armed forces, as well as other services.

– This is what we have consistently emphasized in our discussions with the IOC, that nearly 70 percent of our athletes belong to the Armed Forces, or are just military personnel. He said that they all receive salaries from the armed forces and belong to clubs such as CSKA or Dynamo, reports.

– We all know their secret service has teams and they pay them there. They have benefits from where they are. Now we have to track them down and find out who they are and where they are. Look for those who are in the armed forces, are members of the military or other law enforcement agencies. It will be a difficult task, but we have to do it.”

There is an ongoing global debate, as there are countries that are openly against allowing Russians and Belarusians to participate in international competitions. Among them, for example, Poland, Ukraine, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

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