This was the reaction of the Albanian president to the scandalous scenes.  The president of the Polish Football Association saw everything that the Polish national team saw

The Polish national team beat Albania 1-0 in Tirana on Tuesday evening, and Karol Schwederski scored the only goal for the Poles. With this victory, Paulo Sousa’s team advanced to second place in the Group A standings, only three points behind England’s lead. PZPN President Cesari Kuleza was present at the stadium in Tirana and shared his impressions of this meeting with

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Engel: I respect the players with whom I went to the World Cup. If I had to fist, we fist

The match was tough and it was very hot. There was no shortage of fights, many clashes, and although we were better visually, we couldn’t score for long, Colisa said. Our defense played a really good game. Right from the start, it was obvious how important this meeting was to the Albanians who tried to capitalize on our individual mistakes, but luckily, it was better for us today.

We’ve never seen Souza get so angry, fans were scolding Poland

“The whole situation was embarrassing for the president of Albania.”

There was an unpleasant incident in Tuesday’s match, which in practice could decide the second place in the first set. After Karol Świderski’s goal, referee Clement Turpin interrupted the meeting due to the scandalous behavior of the Albanian fans, who threw many things at the Poles, incl. Water bottles and lighters. Moreover, before the meeting They also loudly booed “Mazurka Dąbrowski”.

as he admits Cesare Colisa, who was very concerned and embarrassed by what happened at the Air Albania stadium, was even the President of Albania.

– I had the opportunity to sit in the box with the President of Albania Ilir Meta. A moment before the match, we exchanged some words, and you could hear in his voice that he believed very much in his team’s victory. Unfortunately, after the goal we scored and the situation with the fans, one can feel anxiety and slight embarrassment about the whole situation. We both know that cheering fans at national football matches isn’t what it should sound like – Kulesza reports.

The best football player for the Polish national team in a match against Albania!  Leader [OCENY]The best football player for the Polish national team in a match against Albania! Leader [OCENY]

Souza? “It is clear and clear.”

After the victory in Albania, an away win over Andorra should ensure that the Poles play in the World Cup play-offs. Cesare Colizza has no doubts that he will lead the team in it Paulo Sousa.

The position with the coach is clear and clear. I repeat that since the beginning of my tenure as president of the Polish Football Association. Let’s focus on the matches and cheer the heroes on the field – summed up the President of the Polish Football Association.

Poland will play their last two qualifying matches in November, when they first play away with Andorra (November 12), and then three days later at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Hungarians. The play-off matches in two phases of the World Cup will be held in Qatar in March 2022.

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