There is a request for a site decision regarding CPK

CPK has submitted an application to the Mazovia Voivodeship Office to decide on the location of the Central Communications Port – RMF FM correspondent has learned. This is the largest airport in Poland, to be built between Łódź and Warsaw.

Submitting an application for a decision on the location is of great formal importance. In July CBK Company Obtained a positive environmental decision to build the port. Once the site permit is issued, it will be possible to begin expropriating residents’ property. Until now CBK Company He bought and continues to buy land from residents without coercion, under a voluntary ownership programme. The location decision will likely be issued – as our correspondent learned – in the first quarter of 2024. This is indicated by the procedures usually carried out by the district office.

We assume in our timeline that it will be possible to get a decision in the first quarter of next year. This would be a straight path to applying for a building permit. The CPK already has a package of important arrangements and documents, including: a master plan for the airport or an immediately enforceable environmental decision issued by the Regional Director for Environmental Protection, which was obtained thanks to the preparation of a detailed report in the amount of PLN 20,000. Pages. There is a general plan approved by the Infrastructure Minister and permission to establish an airport has been promised from the Office of Civil Aviation (ULC). Most importantly, for project financing, the second phase of the multi-year program has been approved, which will cover the years 2024 – 2030. It guarantees the necessary funds to continue the design work and implementation of construction works for CPK Airport, as well as major investments related to it. – Results of the response our journalist received from the CPK.

In the context of the Voluntary Acquisition Program (PDN), we can talk about that the company has already acquired approximately 1,100 hectares of land. Referring to the heated public debate surrounding the Kurdistan Communist Party, it is worth emphasizing that it occurred without the confiscation of anyone’s property. As a result, more than 1,300 residents/owners owning approximately 3,600 hectares have contacted PDN. That’s more than 80 percent. Developed real estate in the area of ​​the first phase of the construction of the Central Communications Port – We read in the response from CBK Enterprises.

RMF FM journalist Michal Dobrović has visited Mazovia Municipality several times in recent months ParanoWhere the central communications port will be built. Residents confirmed that they are waiting for specific decisions to be made after the elections. We’ll see how it goes. Specifically, where, in what direction and where this construction will be constructed. We can’t say anything in advance, we’re making progress, but you know, we’ve lived here for a long time, many years, and we’re waiting now and some of us don’t intend to move out until we have to – They marked.

CBK Company It announces that the airport is scheduled to be ready in mid-2027, with the first planes landing there a year later.

On the other hand, the current opposition declares that when it comes to power, it will review the entire project, and not just that. Establishment of a central communications portBut also the high-speed rail that will lead to the airport.

There is an official appeal on the future of CPK. ‘The work must stop’

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