Cheap house of usher!  Here are the new bailiff auctions in Wielkopolska.  See offers from July 2023. Here are the photos and prices!

In Wielkopolska, new Bailiff Auctions appear every few days. You can buy a house on it at a price below the market price. The property is seized by the debtors and then put up for auction. We have examined the most interesting offers from Greater Poland in July 2023. See photos and prices in our photo gallery.

The starting prices are definitely different from the market prices. You can participate in the auction, buy a house in Wielkopolska in July and save a lot of money.

The bidder joining the bid shall submit a guarantee in the amount of one-tenth of the estimated amount. The surety must be given in cash or in a savings book authorizing the owner of the book to pay the contribution in full pursuant to a final court decision on the forfeiture of security the day before the auction at the latest.

Here are the Bailiff auctions for homes in Wielkopolska in July 2023:

Watch the show(15 photos)

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Pursuant to the provision of Article 976 Paragraph 1 of the Code of Civil Procedures, the debtor, the bailiff, their spouses, children, parents and siblings, as well as the persons present in the auction in their official capacity, and the bidder who failed to comply with the terms of the previous auction, persons who may not purchase real estate without permission From the State of the Commission, and permits were not provided.

Bidders, before paying the security or purchase price, make sure the bank account number is correct. A law firm or county court account number can be checked, for example, on the relevant county court websites. Make sure that all information comes from a trusted source. In case of doubt, it is recommended to contact the bailiff’s office or court.

Check out the best deals in Greater Poland in July 2023 in our comparison:

Watch the show(15 photos)

Cheap house of usher! Here are the new Bailiff Auctions in Great…

Information and photos come from the website of the National Council of Bailiffs.

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