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Mandatory vaccinations for teachers and regular services? – Yes. They pose high risks through frequent contact with people, often from vulnerable and vulnerable groups – said the guest of ZET Radio, a virologist and member of the medical council, at the premiere of the professor. Christophe Berry.

When asked by Beata Lubica if this solution had been recommended by the council to Mateusz Moravec, her guest replied:— Yes, it has been a long time. According to the professor, these two groups must vaccinate themselves for themselves and others, and “so that they do not stop working, isolate themselves, and therefore do not deprive the country of its ability to act.” When asked about returning to school today, he replied that it should have been done wisely. – Actions to be taken already in September 2021 – schools open by all means, but with very clear and clear rules across the country: stick to a mask, clean rooms, ventilate rooms, not allow people to gather outside classrooms An expert from the Małopolska Biotechnology Center at Jagiellonian University lists. a. Berry points out that he is not in favor of closing schools, but adds:- I am an advocate not to ignore the problem and not to say that there is no pandemic, that children are not transmitting the virus, but to take rational action. According to the ZET Radio guest, it would be worth considering if there is an actual benefit from a few days of consistent learning, right before the winter break.

Omikron variant is able to bypass security

When asked about the next wave of the pandemic A. Krzysztof Pyrć replies, “We’re already going down a delta wave, we can’t do much about this wave, and now we’re facing another Omikron-related wave, which may be different.” Why different? – The wave associated with the Omikron variant will be associated with re-infection in convalescent, sickness of vaccinated people, because this variant is able to bypass safety to a large extent – Announces the virologist of the Medical Council at the premiere. The professor stresses that although “the effectiveness of vaccinations decreases in preventing disease, this effectiveness remains in preventing severe disease and death.” So how should the government fight the epidemic? – We’re moving a bit in the dark at this point – ZET Radio guest says and adds that it is worth assuming a negative scenario for the development of the fifth wave. – At this point, you should at least enforce the rules that everyone is ignoring – masks, distance, and certificate use – says the professor. Christophe Berry.

The virologist asserts that he is in favor of the use of so-called Covid passports “which allow the use of potential vaccination”. Mandatory vaccinations for all adult Poles? – As a country, we must take very decisive action, but perhaps it is worth starting somewhere. We can’t even check if anyone has been vaccinated – ZET Radio guest commented.

When asked about
The educational supervisor of Malopolska, who assessed Friday in ZET Radio that vaccinations are an experiment, a. Perry’s responses:- These words are an absolute scandal and should never fall. – Especially from a person holding a public office. This is in contrast to the current state of knowledge. complete disqualification – Says guest Beata Lubecka.

a. Concern about the meetings of the Medical Council with the Prime Minister: They are not regular. The penultimate meeting a few months ago

They are not regular. Information comes and we meet. I wasn’t able to attend this medical board, but the previous meeting was a few months ago – says the professor. Krzysztof Pyrć asked on the internet segment of the “ZET Radio Guest” program how often the Medical Council meets with the Prime Minister. The virologist stresses that this is advice of an advisory nature. – We communicate scientific facts, and then politicians can decide whether to use science or the public Professor’s comments. Throw. – We have said very clearly a long time ago that we must take some measures to reduce this tragic impact, which we saw in the fall – Says ZET Radio guest. In response to a question from the listener as to why there were no minutes from the Board’s meetings, its members answered that it was a good question. The professor asserts that “in countries where such meetings are open, trust is much higher.”

Pregnant woman vaccinated? – No results at this stage [badań – red.] Pregnant women and pregnant women should not be routinely vaccinated – says the professor. Christophe Berry. In his opinion, pregnant women should be informed that vaccination has not been fully confirmed by tests and that Covid during pregnancy is a fatal risk.

When asked about the end of the epidemic, the virologist answered: – In my opinion, it is closer than further.

Covid passport checks? – How satisfying that courage to obey the law…I think something has gone wrong. health class? This is another disease that has mistaken public health care – ZET Radio guest stays. In his opinion, “It is an absolute scandal that such words are uttered and such words are uttered by public figures.” – This is not a healthy class, but it ensures that as few of us as possible die – Confirms the virologist. – When talking about the meaning of Covid passports, remember that Covid does not mean only deaths, but also hospitalizations and closed hospitals. Vaccination will prevent anyone from blocking intensive care, hospital or primary health care – says the professor. Christophe Berry.

When the listener asks how many other booster doses are, the Beata Lubecka guest responds:- It may turn out that it will not exist or that it will only be for the elderly. – I would like to give clear answers, but now we are struggling with the element. There is a struggle to control this disaster – Confirms the virologist. At the same time, he maintains that vaccines against COVID-19 are not a clinical trial. – Vaccines are approved by all organizations. We currently have 5 approved vaccines. The European Medicines Agency is clear that this is not a trial. Complete clinical trials have been conducted to prove that vaccines are effective and safe – says the professor. Throw.

Profits and financing? – I am an employee of Jagiellonian University. This is my only livelihood. I don’t get any support personally, but the science works in such a way that we receive funding from the European Commission, the Medical Research Agency or the National Science Center – ZET Radio guest commented.

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