Podkarpackie Science Center “Łukasiewicz” in Jasionka is looking for people to work.  What are the offers?

Do you want to teach chemistry, physics labs, model making, construction or 3D printing? Podkarpackie Science Center “Łukasiewicz”, which will open its doors to children and adults in March, is looking for such people. In addition, IT professionals are familiar with both computer hardware and Arduino drivers.

We wrote that the Science Center “Łukasiewicz” in Podkarpackie was officially opened in mid-December, and the modern facility, which was built in Jasionka near the G2A Arena, will be available to all visitors from March.

The center is still looking for people who want to work here.

The Rzeszow Regional Community Center has announced the appointment of instructors for laboratory classes in Chemistry and Physics. The application deadline is January 15th. In addition, he is looking for a FabLab Workshop Instructor and IT Professional (these offers are valid until January 29th).

For example, the scope of duties of a workshop instructor in a FabLab workshop:

  • Develop concepts, prepare scenarios, and conduct classes and workshops in model making and/or mechanical processing of materials, design and construction of mechanical and electrical systems, and manufacturing technology,
  • Conducting presentations and lectures in the field of classes and workshops,
  • Taking care of the infrastructure and equipment of a dedicated fab lab,
  • Ensure compliance with classroom regulations and health and safety guidelines,
  • Response in crisis situations (for example, technical malfunctions, evacuation, first aid, visitors behaving antisocially),
  • Preparation of the objective concept of PCN activities in the field of technical education,
  • Cooperation in the preparation of educational and training materials,
  • Participate in events that popularize science, organized or co-organized by PCN, including events outside PCN headquarters,
  • Formation of a professional and positive image of the institution,
  • Taking care of the aesthetic appearance of the studio, including maintaining cleanliness and order,
  • Development and collaboration in planning and implementing budgets and requirements.
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