The “white star” is closer to the top of the table.  One sniper's performance was enough

Wisła Kraków She couldn't afford to trip if she wanted to maintain real contact with the top of the table. In return, the complete set of points ensured Miedź Legnica's progression to the region which was rewarded with participation in the play-offs for promotion to the PKO Ekstraklasa. Before the starting whistle, the guests were only two points behind the “White Star”.

Indeed, in the seventh minute, Legnica was on the verge of taking the lead. After a quick attack Victor Bogač He found himself in a one-on-one situation with… alvaro ratonim, But he wasted a golden opportunity to show off. The attacker's adolescence may only be a partial excuse for the missed opportunity.

A quarter of an hour later, Michael Kostka and Kamil Antonik carried out an equally dangerous act, but this time the Visla players escaped unharmed. They themselves frightened their opponents by hitting the crossbar Angela Rodado.

Visla scores against the opponent. Sobczak's joy quickly faded

Simon Sobczak was more accurate and put the ball into the net in the 19th minute. Joseph Kohli's shot was completed successfully when the ball hit the post. The referee considered this behavior offside and the goal was not awarded.

After 20 minutes of dynamic play, the pace of the match slowed down significantly. As a result, the score remained goalless until the end of the first half. There was no indication that there would be a cannon after changing sides.

The second part was very disappointing for a long time at its level. The actions of the two teams were often pure coincidence and most of them ended outside the penalty area. The mistakes, the easy turnovers, the missed shots.

And just when it looked like the goals wouldn't count this time, the visiting goalkeeper was beaten by Rodado. He won a header against Juric Karolina on the goal line and after a while the ball went into the net. In extra time, the same player scored the final score 2-0.

The Spaniard currently has 14 goals to his name Co-leader of the league's top scorers rankingsopened the standings with Łukasz Sekulski from Wisła Płock.

The Krakow team is only three points behind second place in the table, which guarantees direct promotion to the national elite. The Legnica team did not score any goals on foreign soil for the third time this year and… lost points for the third time.

Wisła Kraków – Miedz Legnica. abbreviation. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

Wisła Kraków took full points thanks to two goals scored by Angel Rodado /Newspeaks

Jakub Madrzyk failed to stop Krakow's best sniper /Newspeaks

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