United States of America.  Scientists defend sharks.  They want to repair their reputation

Florida It is the most likely place in the world to be bitten by a shark. Meanwhile, attacks are extremely rare, we read in Agence France-Presse. The agency writes about a group of scientists who want to disseminate this knowledge, especially in the face of… Declining population Sharks.

“When sharks in the water target the fish they normally feed on, every now and then people get in their way and the sharks make a mistake,” said Gavin Naylor, co-author of a report summarizing shark attacks last year.

Florida saw a quarter of shark attacks last year, according to data collected for the International Shark Attack File, a global database of shark attacks. Agence France-Presse points out that this is a terrifying statistic if you look at this number. This means 16 attacks out of 69 worldwide.

– People are very easy targets. “It's kind of like a floating sausage,” Naylor said. Hence the conclusion that sharks do not deliberately attack and avoid people. Otherwise there will be more bites.

Florida. The beach is the capital of the world

Subtropical latitude Florida This means that many sharks move through continental shelf waters that are rich in nutrients and therefore fish. In contrast, miles of beaches attract large numbers of tourists to the state. Last year it was 135 million.

town New Smyrna Beach, located in Volusia County, is known as the “Shark Bite Capital of the World.” Last year, it accounted for half of all those registered in Florida.

– Like bites Crashes “Shocking but rare,” New Smyrna resident Bruce Adams said.

“In fact, most of us have probably been in the water next to sharks — but we didn't know it,” says report co-author Joe Miguez. “They don't really want to have anything to do with us,” he added.

According to recent studies, it has increased by 70 percent since 1970 Declining numbers of sharks around the world. “We should focus more on protecting these animals instead of just coming out and saying they want to eliminate us,” Miguez added.

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