is over.  Pudzianowski lost his coach due to a successful fight.  "I have a grudge against him."

Fans and experts rejoiced that the greatest battle in history is going to happen KSW. Muhammed Khalidou (35-8) plays Marius Podzianowski (17-7). But not everyone is looking forward to it. Arbi Shamayev and Anzor Ażyjew, Pudzian’s coaches, do not intend to train him for this fight because of the great respect they have for their compatriot – Mamed.

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Pudzianowski Show. “Teddy Bear, when he catches a wolf, he can swing his paw”

The end of the legendary trilogy. Overeem won again [WIDEO]

– Already in 2017, during a KSW party in Dublin, Marius and his agent Basia told that one day they would give you such a fight, but that would not happen to me in the corner. Five years have passed. I guess I let you know what I thought beforehand, right? Arby began to explain.

“Anyone who knows honor, rules, etc., will understand me.” How can I help Marius hurt someone who helped me so much? If it’s another Chechen, that’s fine, but not Mamed. Thanks to him, many fell in love MMA. I have great respect for him. Everyone respects him. yes fight It is simply impossible for me. (…) Muhammad even said we should prepare Marius, but I can’t imagine that. Not with my older brother – he continued with the current coach.

And this is the coach with whom Marius has developed a lot. Pudzian in a wave of five wins. Defeated in turn: Erko Jun, Nikola Milanovic, ukasz Jurkowski, “Bombardier” and Michał Materla.

– We have been working for 9 years. Arbi teamed up with Piotr Jeleniewski, who coached me. And somehow we also started collaborating. And because nibble is such a great specialist, we’re doing really well. Arby watches the player and immediately notices his flaws. “Hey Manek, watch how he lowers his left hand. Then attack him with the straight right,” he says. But it also corrects my mistakes. Such a role – said Pudzianowski recently.

Flight outing and strongman competition in Świebodzice.  Marius Budzjanovsky was a special guestWhat companies does Pudzianowski have? Suddenly the phone rang. “You have to save the farmer.”

It should be noted that a few weeks ago Pudzianowski was expected to be able to fight the heavyweight champion. But in the end, this fight did not happen.

– I have no problem with Marius. still He can come to the group at WCA, but he won’t work with me individually. I have a grudge against him. I give you my word that if he listened to me, he would take the belt from Ville de Fries.

It is not yet known who will replace Shamayev. It is only known that Pudzianowski lost one of the best specialists in Poland.

Clash of Legends KSW

Mamed became a living legend of KSW, who has been delighting fans with amazing fights for 15 years. On the other hand, Pudzianowski started in 2009 as an outsider, but today he is a full-fledged player. All this after a smooth victory with Materla, the former opponent of Med, with whom the Chechens also dealt with lightning speed.

The fight between Mamed and Mariusz is the highest fight in KSW history and the most expensive at the same time. Both of them can count on record profits (at least three million zlotys must be shared). In announcing this engagement, KSW pressed their names like Lemon. There is no in polishing MMA more media coverage. And now it’s getting more and more difficult to get publicity, because exotic organizations are thriving.

It’s a clash that generates a lot of questions: What will Mamede look like after a few facial jaw surgeries after the fight with Soldyck? Is the speed, intelligence and experience of the Chechen enough? Or maybe Pudzianowski’s phantom power is the key? Will Pudzianowski be able to withstand the hardships of dueling? Lots of questions and few answers.

We’ll be wiser at night on December 17th. And if this fight does not end, it will go down in the history of Polish mixed martial arts. And it will not be perforated for a long time.

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