“Keeping him on the field is an act of sabotage,” Kai Quintana New Edition.  The Śląsk Wrocław player has come under heavy criticism

Ślěsk Wrocław only had a goalless draw in the Ekstraklasa match with Puszcza Niepołomice. Patrick Klimala is unlikely to consider this meeting a success.

On Saturday evening, Jacek Magiera decided to send Eric Exposito and Patrick Klimala into attack from the first minute. The plan was not ideal, because they both finished the match against Puszcza Niepołomice without a goal, and to make matters worse their team did not score even a single point against a lower ranked opponent.

The entire attacking line of Śląsk Wrocław failed in the match against Niepołomice, but Klimala was especially criticized after the final whistle. For example, he is accused of not taking advantage of a pass from Matias Nahuel Leyva.

“Patrick Klimala has been Ślěsk Wrocław's player for five months. He doesn't look like a savior yet – so to speak.” “I would really like to find at least one positive thing about his stay in Silesia, but I simply can't.” Today's vandalism seems Like a new version of Kai Quintana,” Sport.pl's Filip Macuda wrote on Twitter.

“Keeping Klimala on the field is a kind of sabotage. Żukowski, another dramatic change: sloppy, inaccurate and doesn't even want to run to press. Well, I won't buy this guy,” said Piotr Janas of Gazeta Wrocławska.

“Honestly, while observing Klimala, I currently cannot point out a single advantage for him. “Wrocław scored three goals in the spring, which is jointly with Warta the worst result in the league,” commented Filip Trokijevic of Mkszaglebie.pl.

“Patrick Quintana” – wrote Bartosz Adamski.

“Klimala got a lovely assist from Nahuel. The Spaniard made a great pass to the Olsk striker, who missed badly,” said Piotr Potipa.

“Let's keep playing with Klimala, who wouldn't have scored even if he had an empty-net goal. Then we'll win for sure. How many more chances does he need to score in the end?

“And klimala smiling with high fives brings shame”;

“Klimala…and everything connected with it” – these are the next few comments.

The striker has not scored a single goal yet for Ślěsk Wrocław.

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