The White House warns Ukraine and the world: We must beware of Russian chemical or biological attacks

“Now that Russia has made these false allegations and China appears to be supporting the propagandaWe should all be wary of the potential use of chemical or biological weapons by Russia in Ukraine, or of the false flag process involved. It’s a clear pattern.”

– A spokeswoman wrote on Twitter. In this way, she referred to the absurd allegations made by the Russian authorities that there are centers operating in the field of biological weapons in Ukraine.

Psaki said Russia’s allegations are misinformation, planting conspiracy theories and an attempt to create false pretexts for aggression against Ukraine. She added that the United States does not have and does not work on biological and chemical weapons, unlike Russia, which used such and other weapons. against Alexei Navalny.

“All this is a clear attempt by Russia to justify its planned, unjustified and unjustified attack on Ukraine” – Psaki added.

US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said in a speech to the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday that there are “biological research centers” in Ukraine, and that the United States is trying to prevent them from falling into the hands of Russians who can use them for propaganda and provocation purposes.

The British media also expressed concerns about a chemical or biological attack by the Russians,

“I think we have reason to be very concerned about the potential use of unconventional weapons, partly because of what we’ve seen happened in other theaters of operation. I mentioned, for example, because of what we’ve seen in Syria, partly because of what we’ve seen in Syria. (Also. ) due to the fact that we’ve seen some scene preparation for this in the emerging speculations about pseudoscience (the process), and other indications as well. So that’s it and it’s a serious cause for concern.”

– Says a source in the British media.

According to this sourceThe “terrifying” attack on Kyiv could be launched as Russian forces attempt to overcome logistical problems that appear to be hampering the movement of the convoy to the city.

Source:, PAP

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