Matura 2022. Mathematics.  CKE paper and answers

Matura 2022 starts May 4th. Yesterday, high school graduates began their struggle with exam tasks from the Polish language exam for the basic level. Today, this is May 5, Postgraduate student books High School Diploma in Mathematics at Basic Level. This is another mandatory exam. This set also includes yesterday’s Polish exam and a modern foreign language exam, which high school graduates will write tomorrow.

who will pass High School Diploma 2022? Those who get at least 30 percent. Score from each of the above tests. In addition, during Matura Exam 2022 Each graduate student must deal with at least one subject per student extended level. However, there is no success threshold here. Just joining means you will complete it.

It should be this year Mathematics high school exam It was hard? Some high school graduates interviewed by Interia do not hide that they rely on simpler tasks. – It didn’t work for me. The tasks were difficult. I was very disappointed. I’m afraid to fail – Daria told us. In her opinion, the level was higher than the mock exam.

However, some argue otherwise. – I think the exam was easy compared to previous years. I rely on 70%, I did not study much – Damien told Inter.

From the beginning of this year’s Matura exam in Interia Special Report ‘Matura 2022. Papers’ We publish every day after exams are over CKE papers with answers, that our experts will suggest.

Or not High School Graduation Paper Solved by Our Specialists Yesterday afternoon. go first Polish language exam at basic level. CKE Working Paper and Informal Responses You will find here.

You will find us today too CKE Paper and Suggested Solutions in Mathematics at Basic Level. We posted the matura test after 2 pm, then more appeared minute by minute the answers It was developed by our experts.

Here you can download files CKE 2022 ورقة Paper In mathematics

Here is a worksheet Matura 2022 Math in Ukrainian

publish below Unofficial answers from the matura . exam Prepared by our specialists:

Mission 29

Mission 30

Mission 31

mission 32

Mission 33

Mission 34

Mission 35

Mathematics exam 2022 Almost 290 thousand. the students. Including 41 Ukrainian citizens. These are the people who found themselves in Poland as a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine after February 24 of this year.

Mathematics high school exam It lasted 170 minutes. At that time, high school graduates faced the closed and open-ended tasks of the short and extended answer. Candidates can get the right solution for all tasks Total 45 points (28 points from closed tasks and 17 points from open tasks).

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