Spain.  Storm Nelson.  Four people died in the sea waves

Storm Nelson passes over Spain, bringing with it strong winds and high waves. Local media reported that at least four people died on Thursday after being swept away by rough sea waves. The dangerous weather will continue until at least Easter.

Difficult weather conditions have been affecting the people of the Iberian Peninsula since the beginning of the week and everything indicates that they will not improve anytime soon. Storm Nelson has been passing over the Iberian Peninsula since Thursday. The storm caused heavy rains and strong winds, as well as high waves in the coastal area.

According to the national meteorological agency AEMET, the element threatened residents of the central and eastern parts of the country on Friday, and will remain locally dangerous until at least Sunday.

Deadly dangerous sea

The daily newspaper El Pais reported that three fatal accidents linked to the storm occurred on Thursday. Two people died in Asturias, in the north of the country, and in the town of San Esteban de Bravia, a British citizen who was watching the huge waves falling into the sea died. A few minutes later, in the nearby town of Cudiero, the waves snatched up a woman and threw her onto the rocks. Although paramedics rushed to help, they were unable to save her.

Two people died near El Miracle Beach in Tarragona, Catalonia. A teenager who was staying there with a group of friends fell into the water and was carried away by strong waves. An adult man rushed to his aid and was also pulled into the sea. Several rescue teams, including a marine rescue helicopter, participated in the rescue operation, but despite immediate assistance provided, the two people died.

Rough waves in Mallorca, March 27PAP/EPA/Mikkel A. Boras

El Pais, AEMET,

Main image source: PAP/EPA/Mikkel A. Boras

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