The White House: It is possible that there will be a dialogue between the American and Russian presidents

“We recently had discussions with Russian officials about Ukraine and US-Russia relations,” the spokeswoman said at a White House news conference. In this way, she answered the question of whether the United States was satisfied with the results of the last meeting of the American and Russian presidents in Geneva, taking into account the tensions related to the concentration of Russian forces in Ukraine and the crisis on the Polish-Belarus border.

Psaki added that at the moment there is nothing to announce about the next conversation between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. However, she did not rule out this happening in the future.

According to the Kremlin’s announcement, preparations for the next meeting between the two leaders were the subject of Wednesday’s talks between US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Russian National Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev. According to the Russian side, they were supposed to talk about the situation in Ukraine and on the Polish-Belarusian border. Only Psaki said the advisers discussed “a range of bilateral agenda topics as well as regional and global affairs.”

At our last meeting this summer, we agreed that we would maintain high-level contact and commitment, and it has been ever since. Psaki added that I do not rule out that the President of the United States will speak with the President of Russia at some point in the future.


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