United States of America.  Donald Trump's home search.  The court released the note and confirmed receipt of top-secret documents

A federal court issued a search warrant to Donald Trump’s property in Florida on Friday. The documents indicate that the former US president is suspected of violating the Espionage Act, and that FBI agents took highly classified documents from his home.

Federal Judge Bruce Reinholt announced a search warrant for Trump’s property. Documents show that the former president United States of America Suspected of breaking the Espionage Act, FBI agents have taken top-class documents from his home.

Trump agreed

The documents – the search warrant and the record of the items taken – were published at the request of the prosecutor and with the consent of the former president himself. The order allows for the confiscation of “all material documents constituting evidence, contraband, fruits of a crime or other unlawful possession” in violation of three provisions of the Criminal Code, including the Espionage Act.

Find Donald Trump’s mansionPAP / EPA / JIM RASSOL

Among other things, the rules cover the retention of documents containing information related to national defense that “may harm the United States or aid an enemy.” The order also allows for the confiscation of “evidence of deliberate alteration, destruction or concealment” of official documents.

If an order is issued, the judge finds that there are good reasons to suspect that the former president may have broken these laws.

Highest security rating

The Register of Seized Materials lists 26 boxes, one of which contains a set of TS/SCI (fragmented/highly classified information) documents, four are “top secret”, three are “confidential” and three are “confidential”.

Services outside Donald Trump’s property in FloridaPAP / EPA / CRISTOBAL HERRERA-ULASHKEVICH

Among other topics there is a document called “Information on the President” FranceHandwritten notes, photos, or documents only. Donald Trump He previously claimed to have declassified all documents in his possession before leaving the White House, but it is unclear whether he did so in accordance with regulations.

It is also not clear whether the documents seized include those related to nuclear weapons. On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that investigators had such suspicions.

Trump responds to accusations of violating the Espionage Act

On Friday, Trump called the reports a “hoax.” In a subsequent statement, he also wrote: “President Barack Hussein Obama confiscated 33 million pages of documents, many of them classified. How many have to do with nuclear weapons? They say a lot.”

Donald Trumpstock struggle

And so Donald Trump referred to the more than 30 million documents that the National Archives voluntarily sent to Chicago for the Obama Presidential Library that is being created.

Shortly thereafter, the National Archives Administration (NARA) issued a statement denying that the documents contained a confidentiality clause. She added that she was responsible for the documents.

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