Mass protests against "health passports"

In Paris, at two proclaimed marches, people shouted: “Let’s liberate France,” “Macron, take your card and get out.”

“Vaccines do harm,” says Philippe Belol, a 71-year-old pensioner who took part in a demonstration in the capital organized by Florian Filippo, former deputy of the far-right National Union, Marine Le Pen, founder of the small skeptical European Patriots party.

At a competitive rally organized by the “yellow vests” movement, retiree Mary Huggett cursed “the idea that she can’t go where she wants.”

Increasingly increasing appearances

Since mid-July, anti-government demonstrations have steadily escalated. Last weekend, according to the Interior Ministry, more than 237,000 people participated in it across the country. Persons.

So far, the protests have drawn in entire families and apolitical protesters, as well as medical caregivers or uniformed firefighters, without major incidents, and the anti-vaccination movement goes well beyond itself.

From Monday, a health permit to report a full vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test will also be applied in France in cafes, shops, galleries, restaurants and trains. Until now, it was only applicable to people who go to places of culture and entertainment. This does not apply to subway and suburban transportation.

Demonstrators accuse the government of underestimating the anti-passage protest movement.

More than 200 demonstrations are scheduled across the country this weekend. Authorities estimate their number at “about 250,000 participants”.

Vaccine statistics soared recently when President Emmanuel Macron announced last month a plan to introduce mandatory sanitation permits. So far, about 70 percent of the vaccine has been taken in a single dose. The French, 57.5 percent of full vaccinations.

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