The warning level has been exceeded on the Elbląg River.  High water level.  IMWM Alerts

Flood protection measures have been taken in Elbląg due to the warning level on the Elbląg River being exceeded. Flood barriers will be placed along Zygmunt August Street “in the most sensitive places,” the city office said. In northern Poland, hydrological alerts of the third and second degree issued by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management apply.

Unfavorable weather conditions and strong winds blowing from the east are causing water levels in the Żuławy area and Lake Vistula to rise. This also applies to the Elbląg River, where at 1pm the water level exceeded the warning level (590 cm) and currently stands at 591 cm, Elbląg Municipality said in a statement.

Therefore, the Mayor of Elblag, Witold Vroblowski, held a meeting of the Municipal Crisis Team, during which the current situation was discussed. As reported, “the river water level is constantly monitored, and all services and flood protection formations in the city are on standby.”

Flood protection sleeves will be deployed

Due to the gradual rise in water levels and the unfavorable forecast continuing into Saturday morning, a decision has also been taken to install flood barriers as a precautionary measure, the announcement noted.

“They will be placed by firefighters and crisis services in the most sensitive place, i.e. along Zygmunt August Street: from Cardinal Wyszyński Bridge towards Wysoki Bridge,” Elbląg City Council press service reported.

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IMWM Class III Hydrological Alerts

In the north of the country, hydrological warnings of the third and second degree issued by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management are in effect. Red alerts apply to the following counties:

West Pomeranian ProvinceLake Szczecin and the Dziona Gorge;

Pomeranian I Warmian-Masuria GovernorateAnd the catchment area of ​​Lake Vistula to Nogat, Lake Vistula and the Elbilge area.

Due to the weather conditions expected in these areas, water levels are expected to rise above warning levels, exceeding warning levels locally.

The advisories will be in effect until Saturday at 12 noon.

IMWM Class II Hydrological Alerts

Level 2 warnings apply in the province West Pomeranian Province (Along the western coast and in the internal waters of the Republic of Poland in the southern Baltic Sea). Pomeranian (On the eastern coast and inland sea waters of the Republic of Poland in the south-eastern Baltic Sea and in the sea from Martow Wisła to the state border on the Vistula Spit).

Due to the high fullness of the Baltic Sea (549 cm – 20 October 2023) and the forecast meteorological situation, water levels are expected to fluctuate along the coast in the high water zone, in places above warning levels. It is possible to exceed alarm levels at certain points.

The warnings will expire on Saturday at 9 p.m.

In the north of the country, IMWM also warned of strong winds and heavy rain.

Hydrological warningsEMW M

What is a Level 3 Hydrological Alert?

A Level 3 warning means that “water levels (observed or forecast) in the area are above warning levels.”

What is a stage 2 hydrological warning?

A Level 2 warning means that “water levels (observed or forecast) in the area are above warning levels but below alert levels.”

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