June 5, 2023


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An asteroid collision and a tsunami with a length of 4.5 kilometers. The real end of the world

Some things are hard to imagine. A good example of this is an asteroid collision with Earth and causing a tsunami of 4.5 km in length. Scholars are keen to deal with such topics and do a lot of work to unravel their mysteries.

Scientists believe more or less 66 million years ago on me a land Something very brutal happened, because an asteroid with a diameter of several kilometers could cause the extermination of dinosaurs. Latest Research Molly series (Study the lead author) and her team were able to obtain a model according to which the diameter of this object should be approx. 14 kmThe speed is on the level 43,500 km/h (27,000 miles per hour).

Itself He hits It caused the death of many living things, and a real purification took place on our planet. It was a real apocalypse with huge fires, even something like toxic acid rain. The reason for precipitation unfavorable to life was the release of large amounts of sulfur into the atmosphere, where it was then converted into sulfuric acid.

Another component of this catastrophe was the creation of a crater with a diameter of about 100 kilometers, which caused huge amounts of dust to be ejected. Perhaps the most creative thing is the ability to create yourself The tsunami reaches a height of 4.5 km. This kind of wall of water diminishes with each passing moment, but it also wanders impressive distances. Within just 10 minutes of the onset of the tsunami, it traveled 200 km and descended to an altitude of 1.5 km.

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Models created by Molly Ring and her research team indicate that the effects of this wave were felt up to a day after the impact and spread nearly all over the world. Scientists mostly agree that the impact of this event occurred in Mexico Chicxulub hole.

Marcin Hołowacz, journalist at Wirtualna Polska