Is Stuu’s latest Pandoragate video true?  We have the answer!

Konopskyy shared important information about the film Stuu. It’s all clear!

Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roślik recently surprised by posting Stuu’s farewell video in two parts on his channel. This caused significant controversy because many people assumed that the material was prepared using artificial intelligence and was an attempt to gain coverage in regards to Pandoragate. However, as it turns out, the film is real, which was confirmed to the surprise of a large number of viewers in his latest publication by Konopski, who led the investigation into Wardęga.

“There have been many voices and speculations that the video is deep fake or that it was generated by artificial intelligence. All due to various anomalies such as jumps in the fabric of a sweatshirt. In general, entire lists of these inaccuracies have been created,” he said in the special video. Tags: “But the video is original. “All of these errors are the result of video compression, because the video was not uploaded directly by Stuart.”

In addition, he asserted that the material was published by Roslik against the will of Stowe’s Polish lawyers. He also condemned the behavior of Ferrari, who accused him of self-promotion and self-promotion thanks to a video of Stuart B that had somehow reached him. As for the substance itself, Konopski said it’s not very specific.

At the same time, he denied that Stuu could not comment on the whole matter and admitted that he wanted a direct confrontation, however, it did not happen because Stuart B. He was outside Poland and Głos did not want to hand over the materials he had collected. It is also worth noting that Konopski strongly condemned the UK beating of Stu and the revelation of his mother’s address. However, he said that the final decision in this entire case rests with the judiciary.

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