January 27, 2023


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The war in Ukraine.  Mariupol.  People are starving

The war in Ukraine. Mariupol. People are starving

We haven’t eaten in two days. Bad. There is no force to get out of the city. It’s good to have some water. These are terrible words that people hear from Mariupol more and more often than from their relatives who remained there. When there is communication for a minute, ”- said the Mariupolian City Council.

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“There are more and more deaths from starvation. More and more people are left without any food supply. And all attempts to start a massive humanitarian operation to save the residents of Mariupol are being obstructed by the Russian side ”- he wrote.

“Because the occupiers do not care about the people and their fate. Only a propaganda image with the forced deportation of the population to the territory of Russia,” he added.

The assistance provided to the residents of Mariupol was taken care of by volunteers, ordinary people who help transport residents from the area of ​​military operations. People from Ukraine and other countries were thanked for hosting people from this city.

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But we have now come to the edge. We need ten times tougher sanctions, closed skies, planes and tanks from Ukraine’s allies, and strong diplomatic efforts.” – added.

“To save hundreds of thousands of people in Mariupol. To save from hell and from the endless cycle of abuse. To save all other cities of our country from the terrible fate of Mariupol. We are asking for help!” – It was called

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Council resumes To close the sky over Ukraineand tougher sanctions against Russia Delivery of new military equipment.