Tragedy in a tourist paradise.  20 people died from one trip - O2

The accident occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning, September 10. On the Victoria Monterrey Highway in Mexico, a fuel tanker crashed into a tour bus, causing an explosion.

killed 20 people

The Castañuelas Tours truck traveled from Huejutla in the state of Hidalgo. According to the Milenio portal, she was transporting Varsol – a paint thinner.

On the way, one of the tanks with flammable liquid broke off from the tanker. This resulted in the driver losing control of the vehicle and colliding with the oncoming bus at high speed. The effect was so strong that it ignited the tank, followed by a small explosion. After the tanker driver realized what had happened, he decided to run away.

Witnesses of the event summoned the security apparatus to the scene. The bus was still burning when they arrived. Firefighters put out the fire. Many bodies were pulled out from under the rubble. At the moment, there is talk of 20 casualties, but that number could rise. There were reports in social media that no one survived the accident. Other people, citing eyewitnesses, say that several people are alive but in serious condition.

The bus transported about 40 people from Hugotel to Monterrey. There are still civil protection staff from the municipality of Hidalgo, state government civil protection, state police units and district investigators. The road will be blocked for the next few hours. The police are also looking for a truck driver.

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