February 9, 2023


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JOE BIDEN: I think Russia will enter Ukraine.  Putin will pay a heavy price for this

JOE BIDEN: I think Russia will enter Ukraine. Putin will pay a heavy price for this

  • “Putin cannot even imagine the price of an attack on Ukraine,” the US president said. In an interview with the Russian president, he added that he had promised him “punishments he had never seen before.”
  • At the same time, Biden, surprisingly to commentators, announced differences of opinion within NATO about how to respond if Russia decided not to “invade” but to “conduct a small-scale military operation.”
  • – I hope Vladimir Putin understands that apart from a large-scale nuclear war, he is not in a good position to take over the world, he said
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Joe Biden warned during a press conference on the anniversary of his presidency that an attack on Ukraine would be the biggest crisis since World War II and would have dire consequences.

He also announced that the United States does not intend to withdraw American forces from the eastern flank of NATO, but on the contrary: the presence of troops will increase.

In this way, Biden answered the question if he was considering withdrawing the rotation of US forces in the former Warsaw Pact area, and we would not. In fact, we will increase our presence in Poland, Romania and other countries if Russia decides to invade. Because we have a sacred duty to defend these countries. The president said they are part of NATO.

Biden: Putin ‘will enter Ukraine because he has to do something’

The US president said he does not know whether Putin made the decision to invade, and his advisers may not know themselves. In his opinion, “it will enter Ukraine because it has to do something” after Russia has gathered more than 100,000 people around the Ukrainian border. Soldiers.

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He said he was “not buying” a narrative of NATO’s split against Russian aggression. “There are differences within NATO regarding the imposition of sanctions against Russia,” Biden said. He added that the differences are about what to do, depending on the scale of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

It is very important that everyone in NATO is in the same position. Yes, there are disagreements within NATO about what countries can do depending on what happens, the US president said. He added that severe sanctions against Russia will negatively affect the US and European economies.

– I am afraid that the conflict in Ukraine may get out of control and involve neighboring countries as well. “I hope Vladimir Putin realizes that apart from a full-scale nuclear war, he is not in a good position to take over the world,” Biden added. He did not rule out holding another summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The US President also stated that an unintended war is worse than a deliberate war. He added that there was a possibility of another meeting with the Russian president, if that would help ease tensions.

Putin has never seen such sanctions before.

Re-invasion of Ukraine would be a disaster for Russia. Joe Biden cautioned that Putin had never seen such sanctions as promised, though he noted that the consequences could be less in the event of a “minor invasion.”

– The cost of entering Ukraine in terms of material losses in human lives on the Russian side will be prohibitive. They will be able to win, but (…) in the short, medium and long term they will pay a heavy price for it (…) I think Putin will regret it – he added.

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However, he said the type of sanctions would depend on the scale of Russian aggression.

– It depends on what [Rosja- red.] Will do. Biden said it would be one thing if it was a small raid and we ended up arguing about what to do about it, acknowledging that within NATO there are disagreements about what sanctions should be applied in different scenarios of renewed aggression.

It’s unclear what Biden meant when he spoke of a “mini-invasion.” When asked later at the conference, he replied that if Russia decided to launch a cyber attack, for example, the United States would respond in the same way. He added that while the scale of the potential aggression was significant, “if Russian forces crossed the border and killed Ukrainian soldiers, that would change everything.”

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