The shark shed its white “skin”.  Scientists don't know what's going on

great white shark (Carcharodon carcarias) named River crazies It is considered the most dangerous of all sharks, but humans are not a favorite delicacy on the sharks' menu (they hunt other mammals and fish). However, the shark arouses fascination and even admiration.

A nature filmmaker and biology doctoral student at the University of California, Riverside, came across an unusual sight. The men scoured California waters in July looking for sharks they wanted to photograph.

The eye of the drone's camera suddenly caught a 1.5 meter shark that was completely white. Scientists are now looking for answers to the question of why this is the case.

The video shows the shark shedding its shell. Which may indicate that it is a newborn great white shark. However, scientists who have looked at the recordings say this view could also point to… Possible shark disease. However, it is not known which one specifically.

The relatively small animal was white, and sharks are usually gray and white. In the photo circulating on the Internet, it is difficult to say that the animal is definitely a man-eating shark. The mouth looks like a dolphin, not a shark.

Scientists who described this case in “Ecological Biology of Fishes” claim that due to the lack of concrete evidence, it is difficult to clearly determine which of the hypotheses is the most likely.

Meanwhile, nature film creator Carlos Gaona says that during his work he has come across pregnant female sharks, but shark reproduction and reproduction is not fully understood in the world of science.

Regarding the mysterious recording, researchers plan to monitor the California coast. If young are born here, this place must undergo additional protection. Carcharodon carcarias On the endangered species list.

It may take some time for scientists to finally solve the mystery.

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