FIFA without EA!  The organization will create its own game, and Electronic Arts will present its own series

Already next year we can witness a real earthquake in the world of digital football. According to the latest leaks – FIFA is not compatible with Electronic Arts and wants to create its own games, and EA already has the full name of its new series.

Last year, it was rumored that Electronic Arts could not comply with FIFA – FIFA reportedly wanted more money to get a license to develop new FIFA games, and EA wanted more freedom in the possibility of creating new games. In February, we received leaks from an internal EA meeting, in which the head of the studio said that FIFA was already “interfering” with the development of production from this IP.

FIFA has reportedly struck a deal with 2K to acquire one of the teams to develop the football game under license from FIFA.

The situation has now been commented on by Jeff Grubb, an informed journalist who believes FIFA has updated its brand to add game development capability to it. The organization is expected to work on its title without cooperating with EA.

What do the electronics say? As you know, last year the company prepared the trademark “EA Sports FC”, which was updated on March 11, 2022, and according to the journalist – this is the final name of the new IP developed by an experienced studio. EA Sports F (ootball) C (or) is set to hit the market following EA’s separation from the FIFA brand.

If the information is confirmed, then in the following years we could see an interesting situation, where apparently FIFA wants to develop football games on its own (or with a big partner?), and EA will try to promote its titles without using a known IP component.

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