The EU's climate ambitions urgently need to change

On Wednesday, the European Parliament took several decisions on the European Union’s green policy. On the one hand, MEPs supported the position of the European Commission on this issue Banning the sale of internal combustion vehicles from 2035. On the other hand, MEPs referred to the Environmental Protection Committee three main projects of the Fit for 55 package: a carbon dioxide emissions trading system, a price adjustment mechanism at borders taking into account carbon dioxide emissions and a social climate fund.

War changes politics

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski stated that “climate policy is what was imposed and strained to the breaking point before the Russian war in Ukraine”. Include this dubious proposal of the European Commission that the target by 2030 should be a 55 percent reduction. CO2 انبعاثات emissions – He said.

The politician noted thatThere are concerns among EU citizens about rising energy prices.” But the elite of Western Europe, detached from reality and blinded by ideology, advances blindly and does not take into account the fact that there is a wall in front of it. – He said.

Electrical and mechanical engineering “All logic regarding the situation in the energy market during the war indicates that these climate ambitions urgently need to be revised,” he added. “But nothing like that happens,” he said.

Abortion in the United States

Sarios Volsky also referred to the debate about the availability of abortion in the United States, which took place in the European Parliament. Soon, the Supreme Court will decide whether to tighten the country’s abortion law.

Parliamentarians in Strasbourg and Brussels have been so quick to interfere in the affairs of other countries that they now want to present the world view in America. (..) This is a display of a crusade for European left-wing parties that want to impose their extremist views on others – the assessment of Law and Justice MEP.

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