The war in Ukraine.  He lives.  The forty-ninth day of the Russian invasion
The war in Ukraine showed that army size and armament are not as important as use and knowledge of the terrain, leadership and the will to fight – said Major John Spencer, a military expert and specialist in urban combat.

Troops all over the world focus on what the enemy’s army is and that’s the only thing that matters. So they spend a lot of time analyzing its size and armament. The war in Ukraine showed that – defense against the enemy – what matters most is the terrain: can you hold it, use it or have the support of the population – emphasized Spencer, head of the Institute of Modern Warfare at the US Military Academy. at West Point and a leading expert on battles in the city.

He added that the morale and the will to fight was another factor that had been decisive in the course of the war thus far.

– This is more important than the size of the troops or weapons. And I must admit that this is the point at which Ukraine surprised everyone. Yes, everyone says before the war that they will fight, but usually when the war comes, the reality confirms it. In the case of Ukraine, it was different. The expert said that no one expected that civilians would support the defenders in this way, and that the Ukrainian army would remain so strong for so long.

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