Israel fears Iranian retaliation.  The Air Force called in reserve soldiers

The IDF decided to increase combat readiness after assessing the current situation. Israeli TV Channel 12 reported that the country was on high alert due to fears of possible retaliation from Tehran. If the attack was carried out from Iranian territory, its scale could be much larger than operations carried out by Iranian-backed entities, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon or the Houthi movement in Yemen.

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The Economist weekly newspaper reported Attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus As a “dangerous escalation of the long-running shadow war between Israel and Iran.” The newspaper warns that Tehran may attack Israeli or American targets in response.

According to The Economist, Israel is currently fighting on two fronts: the Palestinian semi-enclave and the international network of agents supported by Iran. Tehran has so far avoided entering into an open conflict, but an attack on its diplomatic mission could lead to a risky game on the part of Israel, which could open more battle fronts.

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