Merz at Zelensky's, Chancellor Schultz stayed with "the pie."  Opposition leader visited Ukraine

It was known two days ago that the head of the CDU was going to Kyiv, but for security reasons the CDU refused to provide details of the visit. Friedrich Merz arrived in Kyiv on Tuesday afternoon in a sleeping car, after meeting with Vitali Klitschko, and was received by President Volodymyr Zelensky, two photos from this meeting were published on social media. Merz also met with the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denis Shemyal, and the former President of Ukraine and the former President of Ukraine, Peter Poroshenko. During his talks with Ukrainian politicians, he assured them of “Germany’s support”.

Of course, it is reasonable to ask to what extent the opposition leader can reassure Ukrainians about the support of the state governed by the Social Democratic Chancellor, but so far instead of dealing with the true meaning of Merz’s visit, most journalists are still dealing with the “pie scandal”. This is due to the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, Andrei Melnik, who more than once told German politicians directly from the bridge what he thinks about their actions or being late for action. This time, Ukrainian Ambassador Olaf Scholz criticized the Chancellor’s statement on Saturday to ZDF public television. Schulz announced that he would not go to Kyiv, and that the reason for his decision was the way Kyiv dealt with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Recall – Steinmeier after his last visit to Warsaw, 12. In April, he planned to visit Ukraine, but as then “Bild” reported – President Zelensky refused to meet with the German head of state “because of his previous attitude towards Russia”.

Chancellor Olaf Schultz referred to that event yesterday, explaining it Since Steinmeier has not been allowed to visit Kyiv, he will not go either. When Andrei Melnik was asked to comment on Schulz’s words, he stated so The chancellor is “playing with the insulting pie” [niem. beleidigte Leberwurst, powiedzonko kursujące w obszarze niemieckojęzycznym od 19. w.]which means “frown” or “take offense.” And so the “pie” stuck to Schulz and so effectively that “Die Welt” columnist Holger Kreitling dedicated to it a column entitled “Justice for the pie! In his defense of Schulz: “Olav Schultz is not a sausage, but the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany” and that must be respected. Even AfD politicians defended the chancellor and chairwoman of the Bundestag Defense Committee Agnes Struck-Zimmermann. [FDP]who was herself in Kyiv in the company of two other politicians from the SPD and the Greens before Easter, proposes to “first apologize to the president [Steinmeiera] Then please invite the chancellor to Kyiv. ”

Returning to Friedrich Merz’s visit to Kyiv, some commentators criticize him for this decision, and others assert that Merz, before the German chancellor’s visit to Kyiv, is actually doing what Olaf Schulz should have done himself.
Alexander Neubacher, columnist and reporter for the weekly Der Spiegel wrote:

What Merz, as an opposition leader, really wants to achieve through his journey [do Kijowa]? In fact, it primarily pursues domestic political goals. Merz at the fore: determination, courage. After all, a trip to a war-torn country is not without its threats. And Merz embarrasses Chancellor Schultz, whom many consider hesitant, because in the case of sanctions against Russia and the supply of arms to Ukraine.It gave the impression of a brake. Meretz overtakes Schulz in a sleeping car: those responsible for the CDU election campaign could not have thought better of it. But didn’t Merz betray the German chancellor on his way to Kyiv? On the one hand, yes – not even three months have passed since Steinmeier was sworn in as Germany’s president. On the other hand – no, it is not the leader of the opposition’s job to build an image of Germany discontented with the chancellor.

The problem is not with Merz, but with Schultz. I think the chancellor should check the diplomatic incident related to Steinmeier and go to Kyiv as soon as possible

He writes for the Hamburg weekly.


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