V . height

This is not a typical survival. V Rising is the realm of vampires. This time around, you won’t have to scavenge for water, eat whole berry bushes to satiate your hunger or stay warm before a frost. Although you will hide from the sun, but not because of the heat.

I don’t like to generalize, but vampire games as a theme have been boring for me so far. The exception is Vampire survivorsBut somehow, because there are not many vampires in this game. I would like to mention another one CastlevaniaBut it is an obvious classic.

Suddenly, a production with a graceful name appeared on Steam V . height. The title says little, but it is known to talk about vampires and an uprising. We start the game with a short story introduction, then a boring tutorial awaits us. It goes on and on and I still haven’t finished it.

V . height It is already a bestseller on Steam. We don’t know the exact numbers, But at its peak it was played by 70,256 people. However, the game appeared in Early Access on May 17, which is just two days before the time of writing this article. How did you win the hearts of players so quickly? Like most titles coined by Smiths at not-so-great studios, it was promoted on Twitch.

According to TwitchTracker data, the game broadcast was viewed on May 17 137,000 people at its peak. This is a very good result for the premiere of a previously unknown game. However, as with WalheimThe streamers promoted a piece of fine production, as it collects great reviews from Steam users.

However, there are problems – players complain about the lack of an offline mode, among other things. Currently, we can only play by connecting to a private server, setting up our server or creating a private game – we can play on our own. However, there is no doubt about stopping because the game is online all the time.

What is V Rising all about?

hard to describe V . height one period. First of all, it is a survival game with extensive character development possibilities, which also touches on RPGs. It can also be called a looting and building simulator. Finally we create the vampire castle and vampire empire.

V . height
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V . height

What’s Next? An interesting fact is the symmetrical point of view, which I have the impression gives the game more atmosphere. And it wasn’t introduced accidentally, as it helps us avoid the sun damaging the hero a few seconds after exposure to light. In this view, we have a picture of the angle of incidence of the rays and see where you can hide in the shadows.

You can create more vampires – our servants. I’ve already tied this option to Conan Exiles, where we have the opportunity to stun NPCs so they can serve us later. Moreover, the game is very cheap. Fifth Height It currently costs PLN 72, which is more or less than Valheim, when it was a huge hit with its early access release.

Arcadius Stando, Editor-in-Chief of Polygamy

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