Forests are burning in Argentina.  The government issues a fire alarm across the country

According to the Argentine Environment Ministry, one of the fires in the province of Rio Negro affected 6,000 people in the past two weeks. hectares of forest. 62 fire brigades and firefighting aircraft were sent there.

On Sunday, Argentine television reports said “there are effective attempts” to contain the fires in Tierra del Fuego in the south of the country, and forest fires are being extinguished in four other provinces. According to government reports, it was also possible to “reduce forest fires” in the northeast – in the province of Corrientes, and in the north – in the province of Misiones.

Fire brigade interventions

The fire department has intervened at least 30 times in Mar del Plata, the headquarters of the country’s central government, where temperatures have reached nearly 42 degrees Celsius in recent days.

On Sunday, Argentine television stations also reported 95 percent. The forest fires were the result of “human activity”. Several comments on the fire disaster assert that although they were directly caused by climatic aberrations, their scale was greatly exacerbated by human activities, especially the burning of forests to prepare the land for pastures and simple neglect.

Buenos Aires City Services has been successful in the last 48 hours. – Restore to a large extent the electricity that was cut off in the city due to the disruption of the heat-laden network. But on Sunday, nearly 100,000 of the 5.3 million residents in the Argentine capital remained without electricity.

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