The war in Ukraine.  Blackout in Kyiv.  Half of the city is without electricity

According to Melnik Tuesday, the Russian bombing is The most dangerous missile attack On civilian infrastructure that took place on the territory of Ukraine from February 24.

– Russia fired 90 missiles Which 70 managed to bring it down Ukrainian air defense however 15 hit a target, Mainly in energy facilities, the diplomat said in an interview. The mobile network is down, and there is no electricity or water. The former ambassador said the situation was “really terrifying”.

There is also material on the web Blackout in Kyiv. Even before dusk it was evident that he was in the city Almost no light is on – Neither on the streets nor in buildings. Most people depend on it own energy sources.

According to Chester Miller, Ukraine correspondent for the Financial Times, Half of this city of nearly four million people is without electricity.

Half of the city is out of power This is also confirmed by the independent Belarusian portal Nexta, which mentions the mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko.


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