Russia and NATO talks.  Playing with fire is not in the interest of the United States.

During the briefing that followed Monday’s talks, Ryabkov emphasized that Russia “does not and cannot have any plans to attack Ukraine.” It intends to continue military exercises on its territory.

The Russian diplomat also said that so far there are no talks about another “high-level” contact, that is, talks between the presidents of Russia and the United States. As evaluated it ‘The most important issues remain pending’.

We have given the Americans in detail the logic and content of our proposals and explained why obtaining a guarantee that NATO will not expand is an absolute necessity. Ryabkov said: Why do we so desperately need to obtain legal guarantees that certain offensive measures will not be deployed on the Russian borders, and why are we raising the issue of NATO’s resignation from the physical taming of the territories that joined NATO after 1997.

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The United States rejects the offer

As the deputy head of US diplomacy said after the meeting, the United States presented Russia with proposals related to the deployment of missiles and the limitation of military exercises in Europe. Instead, they rejected Russia’s demands regarding Ending NATO’s open door policy.

– We will not abandon bilateral cooperation with sovereign countries that want to work with the United States. “We will not make any decisions about Ukraine without Ukraine, about Europe without Europe, and about NATO without NATO,” Sherman said during a conference call after the end of the nearly 8-hour special session of the US-Russian dialogue on strategic stability in the country. Geneva.


Intervention in the event of an attack

The US Deputy Secretary of State confirmed the reports of some US media on the case Russian aggression against Ukraine Washington intends to impose sanctions, Including, inter alia, major Russian financial institutions and export controls, incl. technological products.

asked Lu export control He responded about plans to introduce the EU as well, “We are in extensive discussions with our partners and allies about export controls and are working on the best way forward. We meet with broad consent and interests.”

Talks at the US Mission to the United Nations in Geneva It was the first of the plans planned this week, which will deal with security issues in Europe and the crisis over Ukraine. These talks should be preceded by consultations with Ukraine and other countries NATO. Sherman announced that during Wednesday’s NATO-Russia Council meeting, one of the topics would be the mutual restriction of military exercises and their increased transparency.

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