The upstairs neighbor went overboard with the renovation.  The roof may collapse

Mr. Jerzy and Ms. Boznia have lived in a residential house in Gdańsk for decades. Nearly 40 years ago, their upstairs neighbor rebuilt her apartment. The couple continues to bear the consequences of this innovation to this day.

Gdańsk: The bathroom ceiling may collapse. The reason is the renovation of the neighbors

The restoration took place in 1986. This reconstruction was in violation of the permit that was issued. We only found out after a construction disaster, when our bathroom collapsed and collapsed – says Jerzy Pinnick.

– It was about leveling the slopes, and we had permits. At that time it was still a shared apartment, says the neighbor who did the renovation. The woman confirms that she exceeded the scope of the permit: – Yes, but these are minor changes that do not affect the essence of the building.

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In January 2009, a disaster occurred in the apartment of Mr. Jerzy and Ms. Boznia. The ceiling in the bathroom started to collapse.

– It was right after New Year's Eve. In my mind, a truck drove by and just crashed, and the tiles piled up on the walls and fell off. The entire plumbing in her bathroom was not done properly, it was leaking and flooding. Because the roof itself did not rot, it rotted because it was regularly flooded with water. “We had a bad smell here,” says Jerzy Pinnick.

Stamps in the bathroom. They have been waiting for renewal for 15 years

The incision was then secured using a temporary solution in the form of two wooden punches. After analyzing the event Construction supervision in Gdańsk Then oblige the person doing the renewal to do so Restore the previous state. Unfortunately, although more than 15 years have passed since then, this has not happened yet.

– There was a decision requiring her to repeat the facts. Didn't do anything. She would plead every now and then, just looking for different issues but doing nothing. We have received many appeals… everywhere, to the President, to Warsaw, to the Chief Inspector of Supervision, to the President's Chancellery. The answers were that they sent the case back for consideration – to be considered by the building supervisory authority of the province or region. And there's always a ping pong ball. The district office issues decisions, and the district authority stops them, comments Jerzy Pinnick.

What does your neighbor say?

Reporter: These stamps were placed and the Building Supervision issued a decision obliging you to return it to its original condition.

neighbor: No sir, there are still cancellations and…

Reporter: How did you manage to maneuver so much for 15 years that you didn't follow through with all these decisions in the end?

neighbor: No sir, this is not deception, this is common sense. Because here, all the offices are involved in a typical neighborhood conflict.

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This is the position of the district building control inspector in Gdańsk: “In this specific case (…) the district inspector ordered the facility to be restored to its previous state (…).”

The Regional Administrative Court of Gdańsk was also involved in the case and only responded in writing to the questions of the editorial board of “Interwencja”:

“The participation of the spokesperson of the Gdańsk Regional Administrative Court in intervention programs is not practiced” – Head of the Court Information Department, Judge Joanna Zdzenica Wisnieszka.

The temporary safety device has been in Bieńka's bathroom for more than 15 years. The marriage is at its breaking point.

After all, I have to wash my hair and wash myself every day. I have to hold on to this beam and pass it on. “It's difficult, very difficult,” says Bosina Pjanic.

The conflict may continue for years to come

The recent decision of the Administrative Court shows that it will be the housing society that will pay the renovation costs. This means an increase in the rent, which is currently around PLN 800, by another 300 PLN. Mr. Jerzy does not want to agree to this proposal. There are many indications that the nearly forty-year-long conflict in the tenement may continue.

I did not cause any harm intentionally. Tell me, where am I supposed to get the money? Because everyone says it needs renovation. He told me, because I've only had 2,000 since March. PLN pension on hand. So I had PLN 1500-1700, where should I get the money? – asks Mr. Jerzy's neighbor.

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-I no longer believe in justice. I'm tired of everything. It actually happens to me sometimes… This cruelty and lack of response to our requests is truly reprehensible – sums up Jerzy Pinnick.

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