June 5, 2023


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The ups and downs of Zénith de Véro

Véronique Cloutier after the defeat Your beautiful show In 2017: Well, we understand, people want clear ideas that can be explained well, it’s good, we learned from our mistakes.

At Véronique Cloutier Zenith THURSDAY NIGHT: Good evening everyone, here’s a confusing set of rules that even artists still haven’t integrated, x, y, z and boomers vote for every four numbers in the studio, let’s get rid of the bad note , a reminder to the artist to seduce the generation that was against him, we’ll give five points at the end to the public’s will. Let’s add, it’s a competition with different players, spread over many. Weeks!

On the contrary the voice or at Who can sing?Foreign ideas settle with the Bible of terms tested all over the world, Zenith Start from zero, nothing. The game mechanics, the setting (it’s interesting, wow!) and the ranking system, were all developed here. It’s more complicated than buying a well-established international design, let’s face it.

Why its first broadcast? Zenith Radio-Canada has had its ups and downs. Let’s start with the best: the host, who is great at warming up the supercharged studio and efficiently managing many unexpected events.

Nothing upsets Vero, the queen of genres. She bounces everything, she shines in this glittery universe (her look was obvious) and she loves music, it looks and feels.

Well yes, Véronique Cloutier was screaming into her microphone and it was irritating. But she had a fever first, with over 100 people screaming behind her, and she knew it, and would be fine in the coming weeks, that was obvious.

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Also, excluding Sunday evening canons and dailies (STAT And Insecure), Zenith One of the few shows to cross the milestone of one million live viewers. Its ratings were estimated at 1,009,000 followers on Thursday, more than double that of the soap opera. Hotel (537,000) on VAT. We shall now see how Zenith The new season starts on Thursday Love is in the meadowOne of Nuovo’s most popular titles.

Zenith It proves that good old-fashioned live TV retains its appeal in this age of fragmentation across digital platforms. This is reassuring. It proves that creating the event as it is pays off Zenithat Live from the universeto do An upside down worldat Week of 4 Jules or at Everyone is talking about it.

Less successful now Zenith : References. All of these votes, swinging from 21 to 23 out of 25, kill the suspense of the generational battle. It’s like a movie critic giving three stars to a movie. We don’t know if it’s really good or completely bad.

Of course, production Zenith The people at the studio cannot influence or direct how the shows are rated. There is certainly a way to trick the public into being nice.

The four main acts, led by Jean-François Breau, Lunou Zucchini, Johanne Blouin and Jason Roy Léveillée, are well executed and astonishing.

Modified dress In another worldHip hopbetween two sealsOn suspension levitating Dua Lipa or Powerful Recitation Killing Me Softly With His Song, Zenith Sprawling and enticing the grandson as well as the grandmother.

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Personally, this is the most annoying segment Zenith What I liked: Karaoke without Net. There’s also an exciting side to seeing artists put themselves at real risk by attacking impossible songs Crazy in love By Beyoncé (big challenge, Jason Roy Leville!).

It offers less tender, more upbeat TV that connects us to La-Z-Boy: Will Jean-Francois Breu finally find the right tone? So exceptional By Andre Waters? Answer: No, that’s fine too. Something happened on our screen.

The four captains (Normand Brathwaite, Félix-Antoine Tremblay, Elise Marquis and Claudia Bouvet) could have been exploited even more. For example, they can tilt the vote one way or the other and spice up the contest.

For now, we don’t care who wins or loses Zenith, that’s a small problem. It does not have an electrified competition feature angerFriendly rivalries formally turned into wars of the sexes.

Johann Bleuin, The Christmas Owl Mask singersWon the first round, a well-deserved win.

On the other hand, the translator should be warned Sleep Caroline That sleeping during his companions’ performances was precisely not necessary.

Yawning in front of the cameras is less subtle than gossip, which is taboo in Asia. And it echoes elsewhere than the streets of Rome.