March 28, 2023


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The United States suspended its military aid to Ukraine.  do you know why

The United States suspended its military aid to Ukraine. do you know why

According to NBC sources, the suspension of supplies of equipment and weapons to Ukrainian soldiers is intended to help US diplomats maintain tools of influence over Russia and reduce pressure on Ukraine. The aid package will be left unsigned on the president’s desk for about four weeks.

Joe Biden stated on Friday, The start of Russian aggression will include supplying Ukraine with American weapons. Presidential National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stressed that additional assistance to Ukraine in the event of Russian aggression had nothing to do with the announced $200 million.

Neither the White House nor the Chancellery of the President of Ukraine comment on the suspension of military assistance to this country.

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On Sunday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that President Vladimir Putin will tell US leader Joe Biden that Russian forces do not threaten anyone. In turn, Biden warned of this If Russia attacks Ukraine, it will be financially isolated.

Peskov admitted thatIssues that Moscow describes as “red lines” remain a very serious contradiction “between Russia and the United States.”Any border crossing which is considered unacceptable. Putin said earlier that such an issue is the deployment of NATO infrastructure on the territory of Ukraine.

The Russian president demands that Ukraine not join NATO, fearing NATO weapons and infrastructure in case the conflict with Ukraine escalates.

A Kremlin spokesman also said on Sunday that “media tension is rising” over Russian troop movements. “This is done in order to further demonize Russia,” he said. He also pointed out that Any sanctions against Russia will also have consequences for the initiators.

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