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FF VII PC Remake at a Cosmic Price;  Square Enix responds to the protests

FF VII PC Remake at a Cosmic Price; Square Enix responds to the protests

December 12, 2021, 13:44

Square Enix has decided to hide the price of the PC version of the FF VII Remake at EGS after a flurry of protest votes from gamers across the network.


  1. Square Enix raised premiere prices for PC games.
  2. The players were annoyed and expressed that. In response to the protest, the publisher removed the amount from the product sheet Remake FF VII Epic Games Store.

Square Enix decided to push higher prices for PC game versions, starting with Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Remake And foresbookWhich is rated at PLN 339 for the basic versions (versions Deluxe They are more expensive: PLN 449. The move did not appeal to the gaming community, which decided to resist it.

Computer players have half the success. as much as the price foresbook And steam It remained unchanged, so from the card Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Remake w Epic Games Store It has completely disappeared and there is no option to pre-order at the moment. It’s unknown if Square Enix will eventually change the price either way, nor in Remake FF VIIwhich society seems to be focusing more attention on.

The whole situation is so much fun (although laughs through tears) that in 2019, at the launch of the Epic Games Store, Tim Sweeney announceThat thanks to his store, PC gamers will be able to buy games at a cheaper price (for example, due to the low commission: 12% compared to the standard 30% in the market). How do you see the past? Public relations statements rarely translate into reality.

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