Ramzan Kadyrov's health condition is deteriorating.  Here's who could replace him

The newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” wrote, “The health condition of 47-year-old Ramzan Kadyrov leaves no hope for recovery,” stressing that now is a difficult moment for Moscow, which will have to find a successor to the dictator and maintain stability in Chechnya. After changes in higher power. It is worth noting that the leader was absent from important events in Russia, and the Kremlin tried to cover up his malaise from the beginning. Meanwhile, as the newspaper's source reported, his relatives explained that “the disease will seriously affect him. Even if he recovers now, he will be neither alive nor dead.”

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The Kremlin hid Kadyrov's illness

Kadyrov's health deteriorated rapidly in September 2023. The leader was then hospitalized with acute lung failure. This was supposed to lead, among other things, to an overdose of tranquilizers. Other reports emerged in February of this year. The pancreatic disease was to be accompanied by kidney problems, and the patient was to be placed in a medically induced coma. Changes in appearance (such as facial swelling and stomach distension) were also noted.

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