Germany.  More than one million euros in fines for SPD deputies.  All because of a group photo without masks |  News from the world

The mouth and nose requirement of Parliament applies to all buildings, including the boardroom, conference and meeting rooms, all traffic areas and Wind in buildings. The exception is podiums, workplaces and meeting rooms – provided that you can maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people – says the German “picture”. Violation of mask requirements can be fined up to 25,000. Euro.

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Germany. SPD deputies will pay dearly for the photo. The fine can reach more than one million euros

On Wednesday, September 29, 206 SPD members met in the Bundestag to elect the party’s leader. Politicians took the opportunity to take a group photo they took masksIn doing so, it violates the requirement to cover the mouth and nose in Parliament. Only Karl Lauterbach, the Social Democratic health politician, did not take off the mask.

“Including Issue Fines can reach up to one million euros because “in” Bundestag Masks are absolutely mandatory,” says Bild.

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Paul Runzheimer: I’m concerned that the mask requirement has not yet been completely repealed

– I’m not really worried about that Policy They’re there without a mask, I’m concerned the mask requirement hasn’t been completely repealed yet – commented Paul Runsheimer, Bild journalist. He added, “Masks still need to be worn schoolsBut there are politicians who show themselves without a mask, which can be called double standards. ”

Social Democratic health politician Karl Lauterbach also took the floor, but did not take off his mask while taking the photo. He explained that politicians did it “for a very short time” and that the parliamentary group was “vaccinated and tested”. “So there was no danger,” said Karl Lauterbach.

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The photo was originally meant to be taken outside in the Spree. rain However frustrated Policy plans.

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